Working with Suzanne is an opportunity.

I would love to work with you  if you would like to go from....

money fog to clarity 

anxious and unsure to a loving relationship with money

experiencing ongoing stress to   growth and resilience

worrying to peace of mind and confidence

feeling limited by financial unsureness to financial flow and creativity

About Me

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Money is the currency

of our life vision.

How would you like

to create your life?

Hello, my name is Suzanne Sky and this is my dear friend Ginger!

I'm a life resilience coach specializing in financial wellness.

I offer a heart-centered approach and practical skills to help transform financial worry, anxiety, and stress into clarity, confidence, creativity, and a positive relationship with money.

My lifelong wellness journey began in the early 1970s when, as a sixteen year old, I awoke to new possibilities of consciousness and living. I soon became an herbal and nutritional consultant, and have worked in many aspects of the healing arts throughout my life. After 31 years as a Chinese medicine practitioner, I closed my clinic to devote my time to life resilience coaching, writing and course creation.

My personal wellness journey now leads me to deeper healing work with somatic embodied practices, financial wellness, and integrating my life work with resilience and heart-centered practice as I offer this profound work to others. Financial wellness is an often neglected aspect of self-care that can facilitate bringing the vision of our heart and values of our core being into expression. In many ways, money is the currency of our life vision.


As we take care of ourselves and our loved ones; if we are able to also create abundance we can, in turn, support causes we believe in to help others and the planet. My intention is to contribute to the cycle of receiving and giving that comes from an abundance of the heart and supports all living beings.

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Professional Degrees & Certifications

2021    Certified Financial Recovery CounselorTM

2019    Certified Wellness Coach: International Association of Wellness Professionals

2019    Power of Embodied Transformation Certificate: Online Coach Training, Coaches Rising

2020    Power of Embodied Transformation Certificate: Online Coach Training, Coaches Rising

2004    Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Magne cum laude. Pacific College.

1989    Masters in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. World Medicine Institute


You are in the right place if you would you like to.....

• revitalize your relationship with money

• learn and implement a simple method of taking charge of your finances

•  learn about the types of savings and how they will change your life

• feel empowered and resilient in creating choice for yourself

GRATITUDE from clients



"This program and working with Suzanne exceeded my expectations.

I am more intentional with my savings and have paid down debt.

It was so helpful to have assistance with making the spending plan.

I no longer have anxiety when I spend money because I have made a plan for all expenses. Now I am teaching my daughter some of these skills and she has a monthly spending plan for her allowance. - JM

"Suzanne Sky delivers unconditional love, empowered by the heart,...." Dr. JGU


"You've been an oasis for me and such an integral part of my healing journey." - KA


"Thank you for your wisdom and deep listening -

you are fabulous, Suzanne!" ~ PT