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What is Coaching?

Coaches partner with clients
"in a thought-provoking and creative process
that inspires them to maximize
their personal and professional potential"

-International Coaching Federation

I offer heart-centered coaching to empower you to create the life you love!

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Living Resilience


I offer a free 30-minute Connection Session
to explore the possibility of working together.

As a Life Resilience Coach, I most often work with change catalysts, wellness practitioners, and life coaches to support them in their life and work goals, growth, challenges, and changes.

 I support you to clarify and ground in your strengths, gifts, and core values so you can stay grounded in your heart’s knowing, own your worth, and gain confidence and courage to

continue creating a meaningful life you love. 

Living Resilience Coaching Process: 10-session Program

1 ~ Create Clarity

Our first two or three sessions offer inquiry and processes for a discovery process. We will

    • Discuss your intentions and goals for Life Coaching

    • Asses your challenges, gifts, strengths 

    • Explore your vision and values

    • Determine your lifestyle, life season, and life balance

    • What are the changes you'd like to make in your life, work, being?

    • You'll create your personal Life Vision Mandala to gain clarity around which areas of your life you'd like to focus on for growth and healing.


2 ~ Own Your Worth & Live Your Heart

The remainder of the program is focused on your needs and goals. 

    • Grounding in your inner worth, strengths, and life vision

    • This coaching program is all about you. Life Coaching is a collaborative process which is client-led.

    • We'll explore and work on issues and goals that you determine.

    • Engage your growth, identify and heal limiting beliefs

 I invite you to discover your path forward through gentle inquiry, somatic processes, discussion, and open-ended questions. You'll integrate your learning, challenges, and insights meaningful to your life and work.

Living Resilience Coaching Empowers You

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Clarity Your Core Values

Confidence & Clarity

Create Your Life Vision

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Opening to New Possibilities

Inner & Outer Resources

Life Resilience

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Heart Centered Living 

Grounded in Your Own Heart

Nourishing Self-Care

GRATITUDE from clients


"I feel so honored to have had your expertise that guided me through my most difficult years. I will be forever in your debt for your treatment and care of my body and soul." - RG



"Suzanne, I truly appreciate your input,

expertise, and caring." - JJ

"I have been working with Suzanne for many years now and find her approach both nourishing and healing. She immediately knows how to focus on the root issues. I love working with Suzanne and recommend her highly to anyone, for any reason. She is a source of healing and wisdom." - KH