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I offer heart-centered coaching to help you create the life you love living!

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Create Clarity

Clarity, Vision, & Values 


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All journeys begin with a single step.

Are your values and life goals aligned with your finances? Would you like to gain clarity about your finances?

To create  holistic financial wellness, we need clarity about who we are, our values, and our vision for our life journey.


Our values inform how we create our life and spend our time, energy, and money.  

With gentle inquiry, journaling, and somatic practices, you'll be invited to explore your values, life goals,  and current money practices, challenges, and vision for growing forwards.

You will learn a focusing practice and a centering practice to facilitate your process of inquiry.

You'll create your personal Life Wheel and Money Mandala to give clarity

and inspire you.

You can take the course on your own or. for a deeper dive, add on two coaching sessions with Suzanne.

Course + 2 Coaching Sessions with Suzanne

For a deeper dive, add on two private coaching sessions with Suzanne tailored to your needs.

Possibilites Include:

• Life Coaching to support you on your journey and vision. Are in in transition or wanting to make some changes? 

• Your money practices, challenges, and goals. Support in gaining more clarity around where your money

goes each month.

• Your current or potential spending and savings methods. How do you track your money? 

Financial Foundations

Financial Foundations Journey

This is where you really start  your journey to create nourishing, holistic financial practices into your lifestyle. 

We'll explore your vision and values. And assess your challenges, gifts, and strengths. Mostly, we'll dive right in to creating money practices that help you gain clarity about your money flow - income, spending, planning, savings - using a simple, practical system that helps you plan forward.

As you gain clarity, you'll begin to feel empowered and confident. Calm decision-making can replace guesswork or impulse buying. Grounded, heart-centered planning offers peace of mind.

Consciously managing your money allows you to put wings on your dreams and empowers you to create the life you love.

This program is tailored for you; usually we spend 8 to 10 sessions together - over a period of about three months - to create a sound financial foundation that allows you to create the life you love. 

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