Financial Foundations Journey Program

This is where you really start  your journey to create nourishing,
grounding financial practices that
support your life vision and lifestyle. 

A good foundation offers grounding support, This is true when we're building a home 

and it's true for our overall well-being and financial wellness.   

This program is the first step in creating financial wellness - building a nourishing, grounded foundation

of practices that support your life vision and lifestyle.

This is a 1:1 Coaching Program - It's all about You!

10 sessions

During a period of three to four months

we will cover three main areas

to create clarity and a sound foundation of money practices that

allows to create the life you love and have peace of heart and mind.

Create Clarity

• Asses your challenges, gifts, strengths 

• Explore your vision and values

• Determine your lifestyle, life season, and life balance

~ You'll create your personal Life Vision Mandala

• Review your current money challenges, strengths

• Review your current accounts, money flow; income and spending 

• Assess your current financial overview in context of your life vision

~ You'll create your personal Money Mandala

~ You'll learn valuable somatic practices to gain insights and help ground your wisdom 

Own Your Worth

Embodied Heartful Money Self-Care Practices

Money self-care practices help you gain and maintain clarity about your money flow: income, spending, planning, savings.

• Assess your current money flow and money practices

• Create a positive relationship with your money 

~ You'll learn valuable somatic practices to access your inner wisdom and connect heart, head, body, money

• Engage with a specific system for planning, tracking, and maintaining clarity about your money flow

• Implement a practical system for planning forward and staying connected with your heart and money 

• Learn about the four primary types of savings and start saving!

I mentor people in a simple and powerful money practice tool that connects you with your money flow,

helps you plan forward, and engages your life and money vision over time.

I work with each person according to their needs. 


Live Your Heart

As you gain clarity and create a sound financial foundation you'll begin to feel empowered and confident.

Our financial wellness effects our ability to take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and to fulfill our goals and dreams in life.

Money provides resources for our basic needs, home, healthy food, transportation, and medical care.

It also allows us to pursue our hobbies, creative art, travel, or enjoy vacations

that renew us and bring us together with friends and family. 

Three of our primary resources are time, energy, and money.

Clarity regarding our values, vision, and commitment allows us to use these resources wisely. 

Calm decision-making can replace guesswork or impulse buying.

Grounded, heart-centered planning offers peace of mind.

Consciously managing your money

allows you to put wings on your dreams and empowers you to create the life you love.

I offer a free 30-minute Connection Session
to explore the possibility of working together.