Self-Care Secrets of Financial Happiness

I embrace self-care as essential for our whole being - body, mind/emotions, heart/spirit - including our finances. Money is the currency of our life vision. Developing a healthy, loving relationship with money is based on our loving relationship with ourself.

What are Your Daily Self-Care Practices?

Our daily self-care practices nourish the foundation of our well-being and support us in creating the life we love!

Do you have a morning routine that helps create the energy and support you need throughout your day?

What are your evenings like? Do you race through your evening chores and loud media or create intentional time with yourself and your family? Do you sleep well and feel rested when you wake?

How about your money practices? What is your relationship with money? Do you spend time planning and tracking your expenses? Or like so many of us, do you fly by the seat of your pants, pay bills when you can, and wonder where all your hard-earned money disappears to each month? Do you feel like you're earning enough? Are your savings where you'd like them to be?

Our time seems to just fly by on a daily basis. Then the weeks, months, and years fly by. We can work a lot and yet feel tired, like there's not enough time for everything we'd like to do. Or not sure how to manage our money so we can create the fulfilling life we desire.

Financial Wellness Starts with Loving Awareness & Self-Care

Would you like to transform your relationship with money? Money is the number one cause of stress in America, and the current worldwide health challenge is compounding that stress.

As we become aware of our situation and approach it with loving kindness, we can take some steps to build a sound foundation and move forward. Clarity and simple financial self-care planning practices allows us to create the live we love.

From my heart to yours,

Suzanne Sky - Life Resilience & Financial Wellness Coach